Control your pellet stove via a simple text message thanks to the new EASY ACCESS app

How it works: Easy Access is a smart phone application that exploits the short message technology to let you control your pellet stove’s features remotely. Thanks to the GSM module connected to your product and a simple SIM CARD you are always connected to your stove.

 Remote Wifi Module

Where to download it:
Easy Access is available free of charge from online stores for devices with Apple, Android and Windows Phone operative system. Download the version compatible with your devices right away.



Features: Easy Access is an app designed to allow you to easily control a number of functions of your pellet stove, such as appliance switching on and off, adjusting power and heating temperature and checking operating settings. Furthermore, by entering your telephone number in the contacts, you will receive alerts in real time in the event of any malfunctions such as a notification of low pellet level in the tank.