Who is behind the name ECO FIRE BG?


We are a group of young and ambitious people who several years ago united under a joint mission in a team named ECO FIRE BG. 

What is our mission? 

During the last decade all of us started becoming more sensitivetowards the environment. In our aspiration to preserve our home globally, namely the planet, we, people, took steps along the various lines of industry to limit the quantities of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. However, this aspiration invariably affects every sphere of our life.

At the micro level this presupposes that the major missionof each one of us must be our personal contribution to the fight for protecting the ozone layer, which in its turn means that we should reorientate our consciousness towards having a way of life more beneficial to the environment.

And here comes the turn of our mission: to help you make your own home not only your personal stronghold but also a stronghold against the pollution of the environment. For this purpose we selected the best heating appliances in terms of quality/price ratio, eco compatibility, design and high technology, offered by the European market leaders in this line of business and presented them to your attention.




Challenges are part of our life and we overcome them day by daytrying to leave only satisfied customers.We have gone a long way learning to achieve maximum results, doing our best.

Our team of technical specialists has undergonea number of training courses in the factories and academies of the leading Italian heating equipment companies and is able to offer authorized service, warranty service, installation conforming to each customer’s individual requirements, and complex solution for the heating and cooling system of your home. We often need to be flexible, to add and change steps according to our customer’s desires and specifics in order to satisfy their requirements but the results are always high and our customers satisfied.