When buying a La Nordica-Extraflame product in Italy or abroad, certification with the most prestigious international quality marks provides an absolute guarantee. These marks mean our products comply with the severe general quality and heat output criteria and respect the carbon monoxide emission parameters established by the most rigorous European standards. The marks have been obtained thanks to constant research and testing by La Nordica-Extraflame technical team using the most advanced instruments. Uninterrupted research and numerous tests guarantee the absolute safety of our products.



Mark of conformity to European standards

 European reference standard for residential cookers fired by solid fuel.

 European reference standard for room heaters fired by solid fuel.

European reference standard for residential space heating appliances fired by wood pellets.

 European reference standard for heating boilers for solid fuels.

 German regulations on controlling emissions.

 Compliance with article 15 of the Austrian federal constitutional law on environmental protection measures.

Quality certification from the Swiss fire protection body.

 Norwegian type approval certificate.

Swedish type approval certificate.

 British Microgeneration Certification Scheme certificate for incentive schemes. 

Certificate of compliance with Russian safety regulations.

 Certificate from the English official body for the control of wood and pellet fired appliances.

 Certificate from the English Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

 French trademark of the ADEME agency for the environment and the energy. The products "Flamme Verte" approved guarantee the best high energy performances and respect for the environment.