Evolution Line is a new range of products designed to meet the new needs of consumers who are increasingly attentive to details and performance. Each element is characterized by highly technological equipment that improves everyday use and at the same time reduces the need for frequent maintenance, while ensuring high reliability. The high quality standards of the components and careful design for safety make these appliances and ideal choice for those who want something special in their own home, as well as the attentive design. Evolution Line, the new technological generation of "intelligent" stoves, quieter, self-cleaning, safe and responsive, which generate heat almost immediately as soon as they are switched on and above all easily manageable with the remote control:

Quiet: Silence without losing efficiency.

It allows you to totally exclude the room fan,thus obtaining maximum acoustic comfort and at the same time maximum power to heat the   water in the household radiators.

Practical: Your stove cleans itself.

A system consisting of an innovative motor that removes pellet combustion residues automatically and without requiring user supervision. The ash drawer needs emptying only after several days of operation. The concrete solution for those who use the stove often.

Safe: Technology and innovation for your safety.

Completely isolated from the surrounding environment, both for the intake of combustion air and the discharge of combustion residues, it ensures maximum safety  and comfort. This special system is achieved through the tightness of the pellet storage tank and of the combustion chamber, including the fire-door.

Fast: Immediate heat always.

Fast ignition in all weather conditions (damp and cold), thanks to a ceramic glow plug which releases 40% more power than normal non-ceramic components, thus ensuring thousands of ignitions.


Agile: For complete and comfortable control, even from your sofa.
Evolution Line stoves come as standard with a "handheld" radio control that allows you to manage all stove functions completely. The same control can also be used as a remote thermostat: in fact it detects the temperature where the "handheld" is located and controls the operation of the appliance until it reaches the desired temperature in that place. The advantage is a stove that works how and for as long as you wish, that you can control easily and comfortably even from your sofa.

Flexible: Maximum flexibility in managing comfort in the rooms.

The combination of the circuit board and system expansion board (optional) ensures maximum flexibility in  managing the  plumbing and  heating  system, with  the possibility to  control  different temperature in every room of the house.

Innovative: Always in contact with the stove, even when you are not at home.

Control the stove even remotely, thanks to the Apps: Total Control App (Wi-Fi module), Easy Access App (Gsm Module) and Wireless thermostat.

Efficient: Reduces the re-ignition delay time.

A special probe ensures real-time reading of the temperature and stove operating conditions, thus reducing re-ignition time and ensuring optimum pellet combustion.

Simple: Adjust the performance of your heating system easily.

In a heating device the pump makes hot water circulate in the heating system. This new generation of circulators (PWM), in addition to ensuring savings in electricity costs, communicates continuously with the electronic board providing information about the pump operating status in order to adapt to any system requests: for example, if the circulator stops working, the stove detects the anomaly and also shuts down automatically. The pump is managed directly by the "handheld" stove control without having to intervene mechanically on it. The possibility to customize the pump settings, according to the requirements of every single system, ensures maximum flexibility in terms of circuit installation and management.