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Pellet boiler PK 30

New product

New generation pellet boilers

30,0 kW

rated thermal input

30,0 kW-H2O

power given back to water



* Available from September 2019

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Wi-Fi X

The stove with this module (available on request) can connect to the home Internet system to communicate with the Extraflame “Total Control” application.

Post Combustion System X

The combustion system developped by La Nordica-Extraflame allows, thanks to a secondary/tertiary air system, a post-combustion capable of strongly reducing emissions and therefore of respecting the most restrictive european rules.

Clean Glass Control X

It is a system that thanks to a specific way of pre-heated air efficently avoids the deposits formation on the hearth door glass.

Resistant Door at the Time X

The high-quality cast-iron doors are made to last and ensure perfect sealing at all times.

Nordiker X

La Nordica-Extraflame uses a special material called Nordiker for the production of hearth walls refractories. This product, thanks to its high thermal capacity, allows to reach high temperatures inside the combustion chamber so that room emissions are reduced.

Auto Clean Checkup X

Increases combustion efficency and the duration of parts subject to wear duration reducing at the same time the ordinary brazier cleaning.

Room Temperature Control X

The room probe optimizes comforts and lowers noticeably the consumption.

ChronoThermostat Program X

Chronothermostat provided with temperature control divided in four daily slots for an optimal rooms management.

Keylock System X

It allows to lock the display keyboard to avoid an improper or accidental use of the appliance (key lock).

Hard Reset Program X

Restoration of the original factory settings in case of a programming error.

Auto Re-Start X

Following a black out the appliance automatically re-starts after having carried out the scheduled auto-control.

Electronic Air Control X

Primary and secondary air electronically balanced for an optimal combustion and thermal efficency.

Pellet Level Control X

It controls the pellet quantity to put into the combustion room.

Interface Control Temperature X

The product interfaces with room temperature control devices (thermostat or contacts) to achieve the selected temperature in every room.

Digital Pression Control X

System that allows to visualize on the display potencial malfunctionings concerning the hydraulic pressure.

Rate Adjustment Program X

The ventilation force can be adjusted and so can the ducting, where present, in two simple steps.

Active System Combustion X

It is a particular connection system that allows the appliance combustion air to be taken from the outside. This means higher efficency and more safety for the user.

Bring the Breath into the Combustion X

Air intakes system that takes combustion fresh air from the outside leading it direclty into the appliance. This system allows to install our appliances also in the newest low energy consumption houses. Moreover, it makes the stove use safer as the oxygen of the installation room is not burnt and avoids heat loss as well.

Power Radiant System X

Exchanger System at high efficiency of warmth releasing to the room. The cold air warms up against the big radiant surface in cast iron and goes up by creating a continuous cycle named as “convective motion”. This way, convection distributes warm air quickly and efficiently into the room where the appliance is installed.

Automatic Safaty Device X

It is a safety device created to quickly reduce water temperature, according to rules in force. Thanks to this system a close expansion vessel installation of a solid fuel appliance (wood) is allowed.

Delay Stop System X

Delayed switch off of the appliance.

Acoustic Comfort Fan X

Adjust the front fan speed by taking advantage of the stove’ silence. The function is enabled by the user and is active at any power.

More info

  • Automatic cleaning systems for cast iron brazier and exchanger
  • Brushless gearbox with high performances and low noise for pellet feeding and brazier cleaning
  • Ceramic igniter high efficiency
  • Thermal probe into combustion chamber
  • High efficiency PWM pump
  • Electronic anticondensation system
  • Thermal and pressure safety
  • Pellet tank level probe
  • Hydraulic connections at the top
  • Rear and left side smokes outlet
  • Front pellet tank feeding
  • New display Black Mask with Wi-Fi connection integrated allowing a remote management with the new App “Total Control 2.0”
  • Addition of the wheels to facilitate movement

* Approval in progress

Data sheet

Efficiency: 91,5 %
Dimensions: 822 x 1400 x 716 mm
Net weight: 280 kg
Hourly consumption: 3,42 kg/h
Smoke outlet diameter: 120 mm
Consumption Type: pellet
Feed box Total capacity: 75 kg
Energy Label А+


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Pellet boiler  PK 30

Pellet boiler PK 30

New generation pellet boilers

30,0 kW

rated thermal input

30,0 kW-H2O

power given back to water



* Available from September 2019

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